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[Wharton Executive Education] Business Analytics: From Data to Insights

Wharton's three-month online programme, Business Analytics: From Data to Insights, arms managers and leaders with the tools needed to break away from the pack.

Industry Examples

Consumer Packaged Goods: How is Starbucks identifying which customers to give deals to in order to maximize return on investment (RoI)?

Financial Services: How does American Express use social media data to predict whether you are going to give up your American Express card?

Media: How is Netflix using metadata tagging to know what you watch and to create relevant content?

75% of companies are missing the skills and technology to make the best use of the data they collect.
Source: PwC

Course Duration

3 months online (starting from 25 Apr 2019), 6-8 hours per week

Course Outline

This course includes four live teaching sessions by Wharton faculty and one data analytics simulation.

Orientation Module: Orientation and Introduction to Business Analytics

Module 1: Descriptive Analytics: Gathering Insights

Module 2: Descriptive Analytics: Describing and Forecasting Future Events

Module 3: Predictive Analytics: Making Predictions Using Data

Module 4: Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics: Application and Toolkit

Module 5: Predictive Analytics: Tools for Decision Making

Module 6: Predictive Analytics: Using Data to Predict Employee Performance

Module 7: Prescriptive Analytics: Providing Recommendations to Change Behavior

Module 8: Prescriptive Analytics: Determining the Most Favorable Outcomes

Module 9: Application of Analytics for Business

Course Outcome

Upon completion of the course, participants will earn a digital Wharton certificate.

Course Fees

US$2,450. Flexible payment options are available. Early applications are encouraged.

To apply for this course, click here.

Contact Information

Wharton Executive Education
Tel: +1 315.982.5094
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: whartonexeced
Google+: +WhartonExecutiveEducation

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