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[Columbia Business School] Digital Strategies for Business

This course focuses on how managers can innovate new strategies and business models to enable their organization to thrive in the overview digital age. Case studies will feature both digital trailblazers as well as traditional enterprises that are adapting to the digital age.

Course Duration

10 weeks online (starting from 12 Sep 2018), 2-4 hours per week

Course Outline

Taught by Prof. David Rogers, this course includes 120 video lectures, 12 assignments, nine discussions and three case studies.

Module 1: 5 Domains of Digital Transformation

Module 2: Customer Networks and the New Path to Purchase

Module 3: Understanding Digital Customer Behaviours

Module 4: Platform Business Models

Module 5: Coopetition, Disintermediation, and Asymmetric Competitors

Module 6: Building Data as a Strategic Asset for Your Business

Module 7: Big Data at Work – New Data, New Tools and Templates of Value

Module 8: Innovation Through Experimentation – AB Test and Minimum Viable

Module 9: Translating the Lean Startup to Enterprise Scale Innovation

Module 10: Adapting Your Value Proposition

Module 11: Mastering Disruptive Business Models

Module 12: Surviving Disruption – 6 Incumbent Responses to A Disruptive Challenger

Module 13: Leadership and The Customer Value Imperative Frameworks

Course Outcome

Upon completion of the course, participants will also receive a certificate from EMERITUS Institute of Management in collaboration with Columbia Business School Executive Education.

Course Fees


To apply for this course, click here.

Contact Information

Columbia Business School Executive Education
Tel: +1 212-854-1100
Facebook: columbiabusiness
Twitter: @Columbia_Biz

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