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[Columbia Business School] Digital Marketing

The marketing paradigm has transformed with the rise of digital technologies. Companies today face a constant proliferation of social media channels, the growing power of connected customers, and an explosion of new digital tools. To succeed, marketers must be able to plan, implement, and measure the impact of digital strategies that are suited to today's customers and integrated with their traditional marketing and business goals.

Taught by Prof. David Rogers, Faculty at Columbia Business School, this programme focuses on how marketers can reach digitally savvy audiences, build deep customer relationships, and influence the digital path to purchase.

Course Duration

3 months online (starting from 24 June 2019), 2-4 hours per week (included Live Teaching)

Course Outline

This programme includes 120 video lectures, 10 real-world applications, five discussions and two simulations.

Module 1: From Mass Marketing To Customer Networks

Module 2: The Digital Advertising Mix: Key Channels And Principles

Module 3: Five Core Behaviours Of Customers In The Digital World

Module 4: Access Strategy

Module 5: Engage Strategy: Content Marketing, Utility, Messaging, and Brands as Publishers

Module 6: Customise Strategy: Targeting, Personalisation and Marketing to a Segment of One

Module 7: Connect Strategy: Social Media, Communities and the Power of Conversation

Module 8: Collaborate Strategy: Crowdsourcing, Crowdfunding, and Open Platforms

Module 9: Lessons From Brand Failures

Module 10: Best Practices for Brands on Social Networks

Module 11: Making Digital Matter: Metrics, ROI and Agile Modelling

Module 12: Five-Step Process of Planning and Executing a Digital Marketing Strategy

Module 13: Organisational Challenges of Digital Marketing

Module 14: Six Faces of the (Near) Future of Digital Marketing

Course Outcome

Upon successful completion of the program, participants will be awarded a verified digital certificate by EMERITUS Institute of Management in collaboration with Columbia Business School Executive Education.

Course Fees


To apply for this course, click here.

Contact Information

Columbia Business School Executive Education
Tel: +1 212-854-1100
Facebook: columbiabusiness
Twitter: @Columbia_Biz

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