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[Columbia Business School] Digital Business Leadership

Taught by David Rogers, the programme's faculty director and a renowned expert on digital transformation, the Digital Business Leadership programme is an intensive, five-month, multi-modular, digital business and leadership programme that prepares global executives to innovate new strategies and business models and lead their organisations to thrive in the digital age.

Executives begin the programme with an immersion week at Columbia’s New York Campus where the focus will be on the strategic principles of digital business models. While in New York, they will form teams to work on real-world digital innovation projects, applying the Lean LaunchPad method for rapid innovation. This is followed by an online module on digital marketing and remote work on their team projects with online coaching.

Participants then go to San Francisco to study new disruptive business models and learn from organisations at the forefront of the digital revolution. This is followed by another online module on digital marketing and remote work on their innovation projects. In the final module, participants return to the New York Campus for a week, focusing on organisational leadership and digital transformation.

Course Duration

4 February to 14 June 2019

Course Outline

The programme is centred around three key topics — digital strategy, rapid innovation, and organisational transformation — and features project work as well as company speakers and visits. Case studies will feature both digital trailblazers and traditional enterprises that are adapting to the digital age.

Digital Strategy

  • The 5 Domains of Digital Transformation
  • Platforms, Coopetition, and Multi-Sided Business Models
  • From Mass Marketing to Customer Networks
  • Disruptive Business Models & Asymmetric Competition
  • The Value Proposition Roadmap: A Customer-Centric Tool for Rapid Change

Rapid Innovation

  • Innovating Through Experimentation and Minimum Viable Prototypes
  • The Lean LaunchPad: How Startups Search for Business Models
  • Value Proposition Design & Jobs to Be Done Theory
  • Building an Opportunity Portfolio
  • Translating the Lean Start-up to Enterprise Scale Innovation

Organisational Transformation

  • Leading Organisational Change
  • Data-Driven Decision Making & Quantitative Intuition
  • Building Data as a Strategic Asset in Your Business
  • Surviving Disruption: Six Incumbent Responses to a Disruptive Challenger
  • Digital Transformation in the Enterprise

Project Work

  • Work in teams on real-world innovation projects submitted by participants
  • Apply the Lean LaunchPad methodology used by startups to rapidly test and innovate
  • Conduct customer interviews and fieldwork to validate and iterate your business model
  • Learn digital innovation by putting theory into practice

Company speakers and visits

  • Hear from leading practitioners in both New York City and Silicon Valley
  • Conduct site visits to accelerator labs, startups, and enterprise firms
  • Past presenters have included: startup founders, venture capitalist, technology giants, corporate innovation officers, chief digital officers, and experts on A.I., blockchain, and other emerging technologies

Course Outcome

Participants will leave with a set of planning tools and strategies to apply immediately in their own companies.

Upon completion of the programme, executives earn Columbia Business School alumni status with the following benefits:

  • A 25 percent tuition benefit for themselves and up to four colleagues each year for programmes lasting up to seven days.
  • Global Columbia Business School alumni networking opportunities
  • Access to Columbia Business School Alumni Career Services resources
  • Lifetime Columbia Business School forwarding email address
  • Subscriptions to all Columbia Business School alumni publications
  • Eligibility to join a Columbia Business School alumni club

Course Fees


To download the brochure for this programme, please visit this page.

How To Apply

To apply to the programme, please send in the following materials to our programme partner, Eruditus, at [email protected] before the application deadlines:

  • The completed program application form
  • The application fee
  • A recent resume or a link to your updated LinkedIn profile

Admitted participants will have to pay 10 percent of the fee within 10 days of their admission to confirm their seat. Please note that if a candidate is admitted and accepts the admission, the application fee is adjusted with the programme fee payable. Admissions are on a rolling basis so interested participants are encouraged to apply early.

The first module of the programme takes place in the United States. For applicants who need a visa to travel to the US, it is recommended you apply by the early application deadline to allow sufficient time for your visa processing formalities.

Application Deadlines

29 October 2018 (Round 1) | Application Fees: US$200
26 November 2018 (Round 2) | Application Fees: US$300
17 December 2018 (Round 3) | Application Fees: US$400
11 January 2019 (Round 4) | Application Fees: US$500

Contact Information

Columbia Business School Executive Education
Tel: +91 22 61623112 (India) | +971 044302011 (Dubai) | +65 6871 4030 (Singapore)
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: columbiabusiness
Twitter: @Columbia_Biz

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Last Updated on May 12, 2019

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