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Solar System for Kids: 11 Out of this World Options

11 Out of this World Solar System Toys for Your Star Explorer e1482405618605

People have been looking up at the sky for thousands of years of human history wondering about what is up there. Children are naturally curious about the world, ours and the ones beyond. Studying the solar system is a brilliant way to fuel that curiosity and encourage an interest in science and exploration. As members of this solar system, it’s important we educate ourselves and our kids about it. To that end, check out these amazing solar system for kids toys.

1. Xtronaut: The Game of Solar System Exploration


Xtronaut: The Game of Solar System Exploration is the perfect toy for any kid who ever wanted to go on a space mission and race through the solar system. And that’s most of us, right? This game is fun for the entire family to play together and everyone will learn something new. In addition to teaching space science, this game also educates players about engineering and space technology. I love a unique game for family game nights and this is one that will definitely impress and educate players.

Ages: 7 years+

2. Virtual Explorer Space Expedition

VR Solar System for Kids 1 e1482403876422

Virtual Explorer Space Expedition uses your smartphone to make a virtual reality solar system for kids. This toy comes with four different ways to learn about space and the solar system. The tabletop planetarium projects space right onto the walls of your home. Learning about planets and space expeditions is fun with the Explorer Activity Guide. The answers on the guide unlock amazing virtual space adventures. There are also 3-D interactive models for hands-on learning. But the highlight is definitely the virtual reality goggles for use with the free phone app. A solar system for kids learning is available through these goggles. This toy impressed me with its high-tech learning capabilities. I didn’t know virtual reality toys this high quality existed.

Ages: 8-15 years

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