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Fun Lunchbox Ideas for Kids

15 Cool Lunch Box Sets to Keep Food Fresh and Tasty

Once a child starts school, he or she may need to take a packed lunch. Kids can be picky about eating away from home, but if you make lunchtime fun and interesting, they are more likely to eat everything up. Giving children their very own lunch box is a smart idea. It will make them feel all grown up and as they get older, give them a sense of independence. The primary aim of a kid’s lunch box is to keep food fresh all day long, but this doesn’t mean a lunchbox needs to be boring! Here are some colorful and fun lunchbox designs for children.

Bento Lunch Box


The Bento lunchbox comes in a set of five. Each lunch box has three separate compartments for sandwiches, fruit, snacks and anything else you want to include. There are also some waterproof labels included, so there is no confusion over which box belongs to which child. The different sections are key for keeping different fruits and other snacks in one piece as well as reducing the need for other smaller containers. With a Bento lunch box, kids won't loose their lunch or your smaller containers!

Frozen Soft Lunch Kit from Thermos


The soft lunch kit from Thermos is one which comes in many popular designs, Frozen being just one. The lunch box is made from a wipe clean material that is 100% PVC free. The lunch box is insulated with polyethylene foam and it has a comfortable carry handle. A Frozen fan will adore the design and well as keep the contents as fresh as can be!

Wildkin Solid Lunch Box


The Wildkin solid lunch box comes in a selection of different colors, so every little one can pick their favourite color. The lunchbox is made from a safe and durable fabric that is PVC, BPA and phthalate-free. Food stored in the lunchbox is kept insulated and fresh and there is a handy zippered pocket on the front for school letters, notes—or surprise treats!

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