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Essential Teacher Supplies for a Savvy School Year

Thumball Who Are You?

Thumball Who Are You?Thumball Who Are You? is the ultimate in icebreaker activities. The eight inch, synthetic leather ball will help your class or group get talking right away. Make up a number of different games to help your students get to know one another. From “name something you can draw” to “happiest memory,” the imprinted questions are sure to provoke conversation. Use it at the beginning of the school year, or as a class at the end of a long week to unwind and build new connections. Check out Thumball's wide collection of activity balls, which include ball-themes like, conflict resolution, physical activity, emotions, and categories.

Time Tracker Mini

Time Tracker MiniThe Time Tracker Mini “facilitates independent time management skills and helps children and adults who have difficulty transitioning from one task to another” through audio and visual clues. Decide the total time of your project, set the overall timer (from five minutes to two hours), and the warning timer. The time tracker will turn yellow to indicate when the project is about to end and red when it is over. An optional alarm can provide an audio cue. With the Time Tracker Mini, you can help students stay on task and increase productivity.

Guided Reading Strips

Guided Reading StripsGuided Reading Strips are an assistive technology ideal for reading and comprehension. The strips are especially useful for students with dyslexia, or who are often distracted during reading activities (but are helpful for anyone!). The strips block out surrounding text to help the reader focus on the line they are reading. Hand them out with your next class reading assignment as bookmarks, or give them out as class incentives.

Picnic Time Portable Seat

22. Picnic Time Portable SeatAs a teacher, you likely find yourself on-the-go more often than not. From supporting your students at a sports match to organizing the school play, you're likely running around even after the bell. Stay comfortable and always have a place to sit with the Picnic Time Portable Seat from ONIVA. The durable design is made from a steel frame, foam seat and polyester cover, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Recline in comfort in six different positions, and bring the chair anywhere with the handy carrying strap.

Answer Buzzers

teacher supplies Answer BuzzersGame on! Engage your students in group activities with Answer Buzzers from Learning Resources. Pose a question, allow students to collaborate on an answer, and be the first group in with the correct response. Four unique sounds mean you'll be able to identify which group locked-in first. Designed for children ages three and up.

Green Grammar Pencils

teacher supplies grammar pencils

Bad grammar driving you nuts? Their, they're, no need to worry 😉 These Green Grammar Pencils will remind your students to think about proper word usage when working on a writing assignment. Check out other fun grammar pencils from shop owner NewtonAndTheApple, like “Know your its from your it's!” Whether they improve your classes' grammar or not, these pencils will be sure to lighten the classroom mood. It really isn't two hard when your getting help were you need it. (Oops!)

Keurig K15 Single-Serve Coffee Maker

teacher supplies coffee maker

There's nothing like a hot cup of coffee in the middle (and beginning, and end…) of a long day at work. Turn your break-time into a mini-cafe with the Keurig K15 Single-Serve Coffee Maker. Brew a fresh cup anytime, anywhere with this reservoir-less appliance. At just 11 x 7 x 11 inches, the Keurig coffee maker will fit comfortably in even the smallest of classrooms. Match your decor with black, red, or platinum finishes.

Some pretty cool teacher supplies here. What do you think of our list? What have we left out that you absolutely can't work without in your classroom? Let us know in the comments.

Feature image courtesy of Unsplash, Tim Gouw.

Source: Fractus Learning

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