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Easy Bake Oven Kits: Mix, Bake and Enjoy Tasty Treats

Easy Bake Oven Kits: Mix, Bake and Enjoy Tasty Treats

Cakes, cookies and brownies galore! Baking is a much-loved pastime for many children and adults alike, and a great way to spend quality family time together. Easy Bake Ovens have been on the market since 1963, providing millions of children with their first-ever baking experiences. The ovens allow little bakers more independence to learn the craft, with a safer, lower-heat alternative to a real oven. With an Easy Bake Oven, “playing chef” is no longer limited to plastic food and wooden kitchens—kids can actually get experience baking firsthand! Check out some of our favorite mini-ovens and baking kits!

1. Easy Bake 12 Pack Mix

12 pack mix e1485189678707

You'll never have too many cooks in the kitchen with the Easy Bake 12 Pack Mix. You'll be able to mix, decorate and bake twelve diverse treats, from party pretzels to pink sugar cookies. The kit is compatible with any Easy Bake Oven, and includes “yellow cake, Devil's food cake, strawberry cake, pretzel, nacho cheese sauce, chocolate chip cookie, pink sugar cookie and chocolate, vanilla, and lemon frosting mix and egg wash mix.”

Ages: 8+ years

2. Easy Bake Star Edition

star edition easy bake oven e1486466943316The Easy Bake Star Edition is the ultimate way for your child to begin baking. The colorfully designed appliance helps you make perfect cookies and cakes every time with it's digital timer feature. The oven also comes with a baking pan and tool, as well as chocolate brownie and vanilla frosting mix. Finish off your masterpiece with rainbow crystals for a decadent beginner dessert.

Ages: 8+ years

3. Easy Bake Microwave & Style Cookie Mix

microwave and style cookieDon't have an Easy Bake Oven? Don't worry! With Easy Bake Microwave & Style Cookie Mix you'll be able to make the brand name treats in your own home microwave. This refill pack includes colorful fondant and frosting mix to make the most of out of your treats. Amaze your friends and taste testers by using the fondant to practice new decorating techniques.

Ages: 8+ years

4. Girl Scouts Cookie Oven 

girl scouts cookie oven e1486466993634It's no secret that everyone loves Girl Scout cookies. With the Girl Scouts Cookie Oven, you don't have to wait until cookie season arrives to eat your favorite GS treats! This unique oven allows you to watch as your cookies bake through the oven window, and features a warming station to melt frosting evenly. Safely guide your cookies in and out of the oven with the sliding feature. Kit includes oven, tray, spatula, measuring tool and Thin Mint cookie mix.

Ages: 8–15 years

5. Lalaloopsy Baking Oven

lalaloopsy baking oven e1486467025890“Come bake up ‘sew' much fun with the real-working Lalaloopsy Baking Oven!” The Lalaloopsy Baking Oven is an adorable alternative to the Easy Bake brand. The whimsical pink design mimics a real “grown-up” stove and will surely delight any young baker. When you're not using it to bake, the oven doubles as a play set for popular Lalaloopsy rag dolls. Kit includes working stove, heart and flower shaped baking pans, recipe booklet, pan pusher, pan and baking mixes (with sprinkles, of course!).

Ages: 4–15 years

6. Easy Bake Oven Pizza Mix

pizza mixIf you're not a huge fan of sweets, then check out the Easy Bake Oven Pizza Mix for a more savory snack project. This easy-to-use kit includes two pizza dough mixes, garlic herb cheese mix, marinara sauce mix and an egg wash. The recipe is compatible with any Easy Bake Ultimate Oven. One customer described the recipe as “cute mini-pizzas for little chefs.” Bon appetit!

Ages: 8+years

7. Baking with Mommy Cookbook

baking with mommy cookbook

Baking with Mommy Cookbook by Kristen and Ashlyn Joyal is a great at-home introduction to kid-size oven projects, and even includes a “dash, pinch and smidgen” measuring spoon set. The book will help you make cheaper alternatives to boxed mixes, with tons of recipes that will work in most toy ovens. The recipes can be whipped up with standard kitchen ingredients, so you won't have to worry about a trip to the store. Unique recipes include: Rock Popping Blasting Candy Cake, Green Monster Cake Mix, Graham Cracker Cookies, Monkey Banana Cookies and many more!

8. Easy Bake Ultimate Baking Pen Kit

ultimate decorating pen kit e1486467170617

Take your treats to the next level with the Easy Bake Ultimate Baking Pen Kit. This versatile tool will help you make super sweet designs on cakes and cookies. Personalize birthday treats, or make seasonal designs on holiday cookies. The kit includes a battery-powered decorating pen (compatible with any frosting), four decorating tips, three frosting tubes, and frosting plungers. Decorating tip designs include: round, flower, cross, and wedge.

Ages: 8+ years

9. Black/Silver Easy Bake Oven

black silver easy bake oven e1486467190310

The sleek design of the Black/Silver Easy Bake Oven is great for the most sophisticated mini-bakers. The oven features a retro bubble design and bright blue spatula to match, designed to commemorate Easy Bake Oven's 50th anniversary. The kit also includes a baking pan and starter mix for chocolate chip cookie bites. Reviewers love the more modern, unisex design and opportunities for creativity.

Ages: 8+ years

Feature image courtesy of Unsplash, Viktor Forgacs.

Source: Fractus Learning

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