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Best Ant Farm Options for Your Eager Entomologists

7 of the Best Ant Farm Options for Your Eager Entomologists

Ants are amazing creatures. They scurry around all day long, searching for food, building the nest, caring for their young and protecting the queen. In many ways, an ant colony is like an industrious human city: everyone has a job to do and they get on with it.

Older ant farms were very simple. They consisted of sand between two pieces of glass. Newer ant farms use brightly colored gel to create a stable ecosystem for the ants, so they look super cool. Taking care of an ant farm helps to instill a sense of responsibility in a child. They have to feed and water their ant pets every day. In return, kids can watch the fascinating way ants interact with their environment.

Kids can learn a lot from how ants live and work and watching a farm in action offers some wonderful insights into a hidden world most people never get to see. Ant farms for kids are a wonderful educational item. Children can watch their own ant colony grow and thrive. One thing to be aware of when buying an ant farm, however, is not all of them come with live ants. Your child will be very disappointed if he or she opens up their ant colony to discover it has no ants!

We think ant farms are awesome and we are confident your kids will agree, so here are some of the most amazing ant farms for kids.

Live Blue Gel Ant Habitat with Live Ants


The Live Blue Gel Ant Habitat from the Nature Gift Store comes with a tube of 25 live ants, so your child can have their ant colony up and running immediately. The blue gel inside the ant farm is packed with nutrients to promote a healthy ant colony, so no extra food or water is required. The ant habitat is curved and a magnifying glass is provided, so kids can observe in great detail how the ants live and work. Gel ant farms are really neat. Within 24 hours, your ants will be well on the way to building a thriving colony!

Ant Habitat with LED Light from Evviva Sciences


The Ant Habitat with LED light from Evviva Sciences is a truly awesome ant habitat. The cool LED lights make the ant farm look super amazing, especially at night. The LED light also encourages the ants to be extra productive, so your colony’s tunnels will be deeper and more intricate than in other ant farms. The set includes a magnifying glass and a stick to help the ants start digging. Live ants are not included, but you can order some healthy and active harvester ants from the same place. A free educational e-book on ants is also included with this any colony.

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