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4 Dora Games And Toys To Inspire A Sense Of Adventure

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9 Dora Games And Toys To Inspire A Sense Of Adventure

Dora the Explorer is a favorite character of children and parents for a number of reasons. Because of Dora's infectious and upbeat positivity, Dora games and toys inspire a sense of adventure, confidence, and imagination. Relationships with friends and family are important to Dora. She instills a respect and curiosity for other cultures and even helps young viewers learn a little bit of Spanish. On her TV adventures, Dora and viewers solve riddles and puzzles together.

Young Dora fans love to have a bit of that magic in their own homes with Dora games, toys, and products. Play, build, imagine, and travel with these exciting Dora The Explorer items.

1. Dora the Explorer Explorer's Backpack

Dora the Explorer Explorer's Backpack

Dora Explorer's Backpack is the perfect accessory for your little explorer. They'll be ready to set out on any adventure with a map, pretend-play phone, binoculars, camera, and passport. For even more Dora fun, there's a bracelet just like Dora's. In addition, Isa and Swiper charms clip on to the adorable and familiar purple backpack. Open and close the backpack with or without the included key. All of the accessories lend themselves to a sense of confidence, friendship, and adventure. Reviewers agree that their little Dora fans absolutely love this backpack and playset.

2. Fisher-Price Talking Dora Surprise

Fisher-Price Dora the Explorer Talking Dora Surprise

Be careful, little ones will want to take the Fisher-Price Talking Dora Surprise everywhere. Dora will be right by their side as they watch the show and and play with their other Dora games and toys. The 10-inch plush doll is perfect for play and cuddling. She's the perfect companion for watching the show or for your little explorer's own exciting adventures. She features her familiar sweatsuit and of course the magical backpack. But, open the pack and there's a hidden surprise inside. Each toy includes one of three special items: pretend binoculars, camera, or a magnifying glass. Dora says three familiar phrases:  “Hola I'm Dora”, “We did it, Soy Hicimas”, and “Swiper no swiping”.

3. Fisher-Price Dora The Explorer Dora and Me Dollhouse

Fisher-Price Dora The Explorer Dora and Me Dollhouse

If you're looking for a fully immersive Dora play experience with nearly endless playability, look no further. The Fisher-Price Dora The Explorer Dora and Me Dollhouse is a well-appointed dollhouse featuring favorite characters and even a few surprises. There are seven rooms to fill and rearrange with the included accessories. There's a bed, couch, oven, sink, craft table that transforms into a tea table, and two stools to fully outfit the house. Play characters include Dora, Mami, Papi, and Perrito. But that's not all! Press the button to hear real house sounds and 75 phrases in English & Spanish. The back of the house folds up for easy storage. This toy offers hours and hours of hands-on, imaginative fun.

4. Fisher-Price Nickelodeon Dora and Friends Cafe

Fisher-Price Nickelodeon Dora and Friends Cafe - dora the explorer

Delve into the playable world of Dora the Explorer with the Fisher-Price Nickelodeon Dora and Friends Cafe. Join Dora and her friends to put on exciting events at the Arco Iris Café. The colorful playset features two floors and lights, sounds, and phrases. There are more than ten play pieces including Dora, magic charms, and a charm bracelet to wear. When little explorers press the button on the front of the café, Dora will ask for help. Just like on the show, players use a magical charm bracelet and charms to help on the adventure. Dora will ask for certain charms and when they are placed properly, the café’s lights shine and songs and English and Spanish phrases play.

Source: Fractus Learning

Last Updated on February 17, 2020

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