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9 Cool Math Games for Your Little Math Magicians

9 Cool Math Games for Your Little Math Magicians

In the old days, learning math was often a hard slog. Memorizing tables, endless exercises, stressful school tests… Thankfully, the world has moved on since then!

Nowadays, there are tons of cool math games for kids of all ages. Through gamified learning, they can concentrate on having fun—but also pick up key numeracy skills like addition and subtraction while they play. There are even games for boosting advanced skills like those needed in geometry, algebra, and economics.

Are your junior Einsteins looking for an entertaining way to flex their math muscles? Check out our picks for the most awesome math games available today.

1. Money Bags

Money Bags e1482313671386

Ready for some change your children can believe in? Money Bags is a cool counting game with realistic cash and coins. As your budding entrepreneurs move through the board, they’ll amass more and more money. Along the way, they’ll be counting carefully, swapping coins and cashing in change for notes. In a way, everyone’s a winner—but the biggest moneybags at the end of the game takes the glory. A mathematical get rich scheme? What a capital idea!

Ages: 7+

2. Prime Climb

prime club e1482313864579Get your kids primed for success! Prime Climb is a wonderful game that shows kids a brand new way to view math. It's color coded board helps give players a more intuitive understanding of prime numbers, multiplication, and division. The colors push kids to ask the right questions—and lead them toward the right answers. Working out these helpful mathematical tricks will help them win the game, so they pick it up naturally as they play. Can you solve the problems and get to the finish first? Or will your opponents knock you off course? Beautifully designed and cleverly thought out, this brilliant board game is a great addition to any collection!

Ages: 10+

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Last Updated on February 25, 2020

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Dipanshu Dutta
Dipanshu Dutta
July 31, 2017 5:52 pm

Kids don’t fear math when it involves fun, family and enhancement. Give kids a great math practice experience through math games. Math games which target one math skill in each game and gives up to 20 times more practice. I tried math games with my nephew which helped him in doing math practice, here i am sharing an link which helped my nephew to come out of his math fear and also having fun time with him. https://logicroots.com/mathgames/ These math games can turn a boring night into a family game night with a mathematical twist. Challenge your children, bond with… Read more »

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