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8 Fantastic Toy Fire Trucks for Junior Firefighters and Flaming Fun

9 Fantastic Toy Fire Trucks for Junior Firefighters and Flaming Fun

Bright colors, howling sirens, extendable ladders, and gushing hoses… what’s not to love about fire trucks? Screeching through the city streets and bringing your little firefighters to the inferno just in time to save the day, these toys are ideal for immersive role play and teaching young kids all about the important work done by our emergency services.

Needless to say, firefighters are incredible role models. Genuine heroes from the real world, they inspire greatness and encourage bravery, kindness, empathy, and responsibility.

Fire trucks are eternally popular among kids of all ages, but with fleets of fire trucks to choose from, it can be tough to pick the best! But fret not – we’re here to the rescue with our fire truck toys.

1. Fisher Price Little People Lift ‘n’ Lower Fire Truck


Little People, assemble! The Fisher Price Little People Lift ‘n’ Lower Fire Truck is an incredible toy set. It’s not just an awesome truck with tons of features – you also get 3 little firefighter figures: a girl, a boy, and a cute dog. Move the truck forward, push the driver’s seat, or slide the figures up and down the ladder to set off lights and sounds. With over 25 songs, sounds, and phrases that teach kids about colors, opposites, and firefighting, this toy will entertain for hours on end. Highly recommended!

Ages: 1+

2. InStep Fire Truck Pedal Car


Really rush to the rescue with the InStep Fire Truck Pedal Car! With its beautiful 1950s design and solid steel frame, this amazing pedal car is a surefire hit. As well as encouraging active play and fun exercise, it’s also one of the coolest looking pedal cars on the market. Its special features include adjustable pedals, a retro bell siren, removable mini fire ladders, rubber tires, and a storage compartment. Fitting kids weighing up to 70 pounds, it’s the perfect training vehicle for your future firefighters!

Ages: 2-5

3. Bruder Mack Granite Fire Engine with Water Pump


There’s a fire downtown – send your best engine! The Bruder Mack Granite Fire Engine with Water Pump is large enough (28” x 8” x 11”) to tackle even the toughest blazes. Manufactured in Germany, it is sturdy in design and jam-packed with features. Work its various cranks to extend the ladder high into the air, and maneuver it into position on its 360 degree circular base. Don’t worry – it won’t topple over thanks to its four extendable support legs. Once you’re in position, put out the fire with its hand-pumped water cannon. With its sounding sirens, flashing lights, and movable wheels, doors, mirrors, and more, this fire truck creates an incredibly immersive world of firefighting fun.

Ages: 3+

4. Lego City Fire Ladder Truck


Lego City’s finest, we need you again! The Lego City Fire Ladder Truck is a challenging 214-piece building toy that results in an awesome play set. With a hazardous fire bursting out of an oil drum, the two included firefighters (one male, one female) had better hurry to the scene. Then, they can climb the extendable ladder and spin it into position, pull out the fire hose, and really shoot the Lego water piece at the fire. Packed with accessories like a fire extinguisher, shovel, circular saw, and helmets, this is one of the most complete and fun-filled firefighting toys out there. So, get building and go save the city!

Ages: 5-12

5. Green Toys Fire Truck


While you’re saving that kitty in the tree, why not help save the planet too? Designed and produced in the United States, the Green Toys Fire Truck is entirely made of recycled materials. Its sturdy and safe plastic chassis is constructed from old milk containers, and it is packaged in 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard. Raise and rotate the truck’s ladder, pull out the two 8-rung side ladders, and sound one of the three sirens. And if it gets covered in mud, simply throw it in the dishwasher! It may be fire truck red, but it’s also super green!

Ages: 1+

6. Fisher Price Mickey Mouse Save the Day Fire Truck


Oh boy! Disneyland is in trouble, and only you and Mickey can help! The Fisher Price Mickey Mouse Save the Day Fire Truck is a great gift for younger kids. Zoom to the rescue with real fire engine sounds. Mickey comes in a firefighter’s uniform, and you can put him at the wheel or in the cherry-picker to deal with the emergency. So, grab your helmet – you and Mickey are going to save the day!

Ages: 2+

7. ToyZe Bump and Go Fire Truck with Water Pump


H2-whoa! Face down any inferno with the ToyZe Bump and Go Fire Truck with Water Pump. With a fully functional pump that shoots water up to six feet at the push of a button, this toy is perfect for summertime fun in the sun. Other awesome features include a 1-foot extendable ladder, flashing lights, and howling sirens. As the name suggests, the Bump and Go Fire Truck can take a hit. Its durable design and fun functions make it an ideal addition to any fire department. Time to be a hero!

Ages: 5+

8. Lego Duplo Town Fire Truck Building Kit


If you really want the best fire engine, maybe you’ll have to build it yourself! The Lego Duplo Town Fire Truck Building Kit is an awesome multi-purpose toy for young kids. The 26-piece set is ideal for boosting a toddler’s dexterity and critical thinking skills. And once constructed, it is durable and filled with fun features. Its crane goes up and down and rotates 360 degrees, and you can put out the included Lego flames with an extendable fire hose. Endless hours of constructive fun guaranteed!

Ages: 2-5

Feature image courtesy of Flickr, PINTOY®.

Source: Fractus Learning

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