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7 Slime Toy Sets for Scientific Kids

7 Slime Toy Sets for Scientific Kids

Kids love playing with slime! It’s a sticky, gooey, gloopy mess – and it can also be a wonderful science lesson! Slime laboratory kits can provide young scientists with (very messy) hands-on experience of a wide range of scientific principles. Through fun and safe experiments, they can learn about polymers, viscosity, density, cohesion, the scientific method, and much, much more!

Here are 7 of the best slime laboratory toys for kids on the market today:

1. Scientific Explorer Sci-Fi Slime

Scientific Explorer Sci-Fi Slime

This gloopy experimentation kit is out of this world! The Scientific Explorer Sci-Fi Slime Set lets junior chemists create incredible slimy goos! Some glow in the dark. Others are magnetic. Some even change color when touched! Learn all about what makes these crazy mixtures act the way they do! Includes a science guide, a pipette, stirring sticks, food coloring, glue, tetraborate, magnetite, guar gum, zinc sulfide, thermochromic pigment, and polyvinyl alcohol solution. It’s the coolest science set this side of the Alpha Quadrant!

Age: 10+

2. The Magic School Bus Slime and Polymer Lab

The Magic School Bus Slime and Polymer Lab

Ready for some educational magic? The Magic School Bus Slime and Polymer Lab is a treasure trove of science experiments, perfectly designed for young scientists. 20 colorful and durable experiment cards walk your children through the process of making their own polymer projects, as well as clearly explaining the science behind it all. Throughout each experiment, your budding Newtons can record their observations in the accompanying data notebook, too! The set includes a test tube rack, three test tubes, a funnel, a measuring cup, a measuring spoon, a stirring stick, glue, borax, five polymer flowers, three polymer balls, polymer snow, rainbow beads, gel crystals, and wheat seeds. It’s all scientific – but it sure seems magical!

Age: 5+

3. National Geographic Glow in the Dark Slime Lab

National Geographic Glow in the Dark Slime Lab

Make your own slime – and learn all about how creatures use theirs in the wild! With its science kit and powder pack, the National Geographic Glow in the Dark Slime Lab has everything you need to concoct your own glow-in-the-dark gunk. It also includes a fact-filled learning guide that teaches you all about real-world creatures like the hagfish and the garden snail that create their own sticky icky fluids for different purposes. With an additional guide to making your own non-glowing goo from household products, this set is sure to make STEM learning fun for more than just an afternoon! It’s messy magnificence for mad scientists!

Age: 6-15

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Originally posted on April 8, 2020 @ 10:48 am

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