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7 Sensational Basketball Hoops for Budding NBA All-Stars

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9 Sensational Basketball Hoops for Budding NBA All-Stars

Some dream of dunking like LeBron. Others of sinking rain-makers like Curry. With your own basketball hoops, you can take the game home and live out your NBA fantasies with your friends.

Basketball is excellent for boosting fitness, social skills, hand-eye coordination, concentration, and confidence. It’s a fun and rewarding pastime, much loved by generations of kids and grown-ups. Nowadays, there are tons of awesome basketball hoops for kids of all ages. Here are our picks of the best options for your junior Jordans.

1. Spalding Pro Slam Portable Basketball System

Basketball Hoops Spalding Pro Slam Basketball System

Play like a pro with the Spalding Pro Slam Portable Basketball System! You can trust Spalding, the official providers of NBA equipment, to make a quality product – and this fantastic piece of kit is no exception. Featuring an adjustable height (7.5 to 10 feet), a solid 34-gallon base, and a steel-framed acrylic backboard, it’s strong and durable, so you can shoot and slam to your heart’s content. It’s weather resistant and easy to adjust once constructed. An awesome option for ballers both young and old.

2. SKLZ Pro Mini XL Basketball Hoop and Ball

SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball HoopsA must-have item for any dorm, office, or bedroom, the SKLZ Pro Mini XL Basketball Hoop and Ball brings the court to you! Simply hook it over any door and start shooting. This phenomenally fun set comes with a 23 x 16-inch shatterproof backboard, a 9-inch spring-action hoop, and a 5.5-inch ball. You can also choose from the slightly smaller standard or glow-in-the-dark sets. Each option lets you shoot hoops from your bed or desk chair – or slam the door and then dunk! What are you waiting for? Show us your SKLZ!

3. Lifetime Basketball Double Shot Arcade System

Lifetime Basketball Double Shot Arcade System Basketball HoopsWho’s the sharpest shooter among your family and friends? Find out with the Lifetime Basketball Double Shot Arcade System! Become the king or queen of the court in this fast and frenzied 1- or 2-player arcade classic. Featuring sturdy, top-quality components, it’s guaranteed to give you years of all-action gameplay. The backboard is wide enough to give players plenty of elbow room. Its design is screen-printed, meaning it won’t chip or fade over time. What’s more, the whole piece folds up for safe and easy storage when not in use. Featuring seven 7-inch basketballs, arcade sounds, and accurate infrared score sensors, it has everything you need for an instant b-ball party. There’s only one thing left to say… Who’s up next?

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