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7 Funky and Fun Backpacks for Girls – Back to School

9 Fun and Funky Backpacks for Girls - Back to School

Backpacks for girls are an essential accessory for kindergarten, school and college. Girls need a cool bag to carry their schoolbooks, lunchbox, and in the case of older girls, a laptop or tablet computer. Unfortunately, it is not just a case of picking the first backpack you see, as most girls have very firm ideas over what the type of bag they are willing to be seen wearing when out and about.

When looking at backpacks for girls, there are a few important features to take into account. Firstly, looks matter. Girls tend to be more fashion conscious than boys are, so heaven help any parent who inadvertently chooses the wrong backpack for their daughter. If you do make this mistake, be willing to admit your mistake and look immediately for a replacement.

Storage space is the next most important feature. Look at backpacks for girls with handy storage pockets, an internal pocket for a laptop or tablet, and well-padded shoulder straps for extra comfort. All of these features will ensure that your daughter’s backpack goes the distance and you do not end up wasting your hard-earned cash on a redundant product.

Skip Hop Zoo Backpack – Butterfly

Skip Hop Zoo Backpack – Butterfly Backpacks for Girls

The Butterfly Zoo Backpack from Skip Hop is an awesome backpack for girls. Younger children will love the fun, quirky design of this cute backpack. It is available in 21 different colors, so there is bound to be a style your daughter likes. The backpack features a roomy main compartment with an insulated pouch for snacks. There is a mesh pocket for drink bottles. The Butterfly backpack is perfect for girls aged 3 months and above.

Leaper Thickened Canvas Laptop Bag/Backpack for Girls

Leaper Thickened Canvas Laptop Bag Backpack for Girls

The thickened canvas backpack/laptop bag for girls from Leaper comes in a variety of different colors and styles, but in all cases, you end up with a sturdy, durable design. The backpack includes a front pocket for an iPad mini and two side pockets for extras such as a water bottle or umbrella. There is also an internal compartment for a laptop. An extra lunchbox is included, which makes this a great choice for school or college.

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