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Bubble Ball Toys for Brilliant and Active Fun

Bubble Ball Toys for Brilliant and Active Fun

Of the many toy trends that have come along in recent years, the bubble ball has to be one of the most entertaining. It’s not only fun to participate in but it’s also highly entertaining to watch. Bubble balls come in a couple different shapes and sizes so that people of all ages can get in on the fun. If you’re searching for a unique and active way to play as a family, a bubble ball is exactly what you're looking for.

Super Wubble Bubble Ball

Super Wubble Bubble Ball Super Wubble Bubble Ball is a nearly indestructible ball your kids can have a blast with. Several mom friends recommended this ball to me, saying their kids played with it for hours every day. They were absolutely right. My girls love their Super Wubble Bubble Ball. It floats, dribbles, bounces, and makes funny noises all without tearing or popping. It’s the fun of a balloon without the sad ending when it pops. Kids can even sit on it without worrying it will burst. It also comes with a battery operated pump to inflate the ball in minutes. A simple toy made for hours of fun.

Ages: 6+

Incred-a-Ball Blow Up Soccer Ball

bubble ball 4

Incred-a-Ball Blow Up Soccer Ball is a colorful take on the popular bubble ball. This bright round ball can be used for all kinds of outdoor games. Kids can climb inside for a game of bumper balls. Or bounce, roll, and tumble with the ball from the outside. This big ball is big fun for kids’ parties, picnics, or any outdoor gathering that needs a little active play. I like that this bubble ball is multi-use. Because of its round shape, it rolls and plays like a regular ball. More kids can get in on the fun playing outside of the ball than when one or two kids get to play by taking turns climbing inside.

Ages: 3–10 years

HappyBuy Inflatable Bumper Ball

bubble ball 5HappyBuy Inflatable Bumper Ball is designed specifically for running headlong into another person. It’s made of durable plastic to survive the body bumps it will take in a fun game of human bumper ball. The manufacturer states this ball will fit most ages. Based on the size and the nature of the body bumping game, kids would need to be at least school age before safely participating. Like many bumper balls, this is purchased as a single unit and you would need to purchase multiples for group play. It will be worth it when you throw the most entertaining barbecue of the summer with everyone enjoying human bumper ball. I can’t wait to try these out at my family reunion.

Ages: 6+

Banzai Bump and Bounce Body Bumpers

bubble ball 7Banzai Bump and Bounce Body Bumpers are the perfect introduction to body bouncing fun for little ones. I love this set because it is two balls for a low price. And it is specifically designed for young children. Watching adults play bumper balls is funny and entertaining but it’s most likely to happen only at big parties and group events. Kids will play with bubble balls all the time. My kids love crashing into each other and everything else around them. Banzai Bump and Bounce Body Bumpers make it safe and fun.

Ages: 4+

What do you think of Bubble Balls? Have your kids got a taste of them yet or are you worried about the safety element? Let us know!

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Source: Fractus Learning

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