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6 Bean Bag Chairs to Luxuriously Lounge In!

7 Best Bean Bag Chairs and Other Sweet Seats to Sit Back In!

When it comes to lounging around, there's nothing more nostalgic than sitting around on bean bag chairs. A true blast from the past, bean bag chairs have been making a comeback with more varieties than ever before. From inflatable to foam-filled, you'll be able to find an option that best suits your family's lifestyle and seating needs. Versatile and portable, you'll discover these amorphous bean-filled seats in playrooms, game corners, and classrooms around the country. If you're limited on space but big on company, bean bag chairs are a great option for accommodating a casual party. Best yet, children love bean bag chairs for their squishy shapes and fun factor.

1. Big Joe Dorm Chair

bean bag chairs 1The Big Joe Dorm Chair is one of the best-selling bean-bag products on the market. More reminiscent of a chair than the traditional bean bag, this seat provides both lumbar and arm support. At 33 x 32 inches, the chair can be used by children and adults alike. Utilitarian features include a carry-handle, drink holder and convenient pocket for remote or reading material storage. Covered with stain-resistant, SmartMax ballistic fabric, this durable chair will last from the terrible twos through the teen years. Available in: black, blue, red, orchid, lime and zebra print.

Perfect for: Extended periods of sitting or gaming

2. Dawson the Dog Beanbag Chair

bean bag chairs 2Many bean bag chairs are huggable and plush just like a stuffed animal. Manufacturer Big Joe has embraced these similarities and turned their Dawson the Dog Beanbag Chair into a giant-sized stuffed animal you can cuddle and use as a chair. The chairs come with their own matching “Li'l Buddy,” which can be stored in the seat's built-in pocket. Does your child have another favorite animal? Then check out some of the other models, including Oscar the Owl, Penelope the Pig, Emerson the Elephant, and more.

Perfect for: Your littlest family members

3. Creative QT Stuffed Animal Storage Bag

bean bag chairs 3This bean bag chair from Creative QT doubles as both a seat option and a unique storage solution for your child's collection of stuffed animals. Simply unzip the cotton canvas sack and fill with stuffed animals both large and small. The chair holds up to about fifty animals which act as padding for the seat. It's the “perfect solution for all those stuffed animals your kids won't let you get rid of but never play with!”

Perfect for: Anyone whose home has been overtaken by stuffed animals!

4. Lounger Seat Covers

bean bag chairs 4These Lounger Seat Covers from Heart to Heart turn ordinary pillows into a luxurious lounge mat. The plush fabric is comfortable for a quick nap, or even a full night's sleep at a slumber party. Choose between standard or large size covers, and fill with five of the recommended size pillows. The machine-washable fabric means it's completely child-friendly: you don't have to worry about spills or stains.

Perfect for: Slumber parties and nap time

5. Intex Inflatable Ultra Lounge

bean bag chairs 5The Intex Inflatable Ultra Lounge is a bean bag alternative with all of the same fun and flair. This two-piece set includes a reclined lounge chair and ottoman with a soft, waterproof flocked top. Relax in style and hold your favorite beverage in the built-in cupholder. The set is designed for quick inflation with extra-wide, 2-in-1 valves. Need extra space or want to take the lounge chair on-the-go? Simply deflate and fold both pieces for easy storage and transportation.

Perfect for: Quick, accessible seating

6. 5-Foot Sofa Sack

bean bag chairs 7This 5-Foot Sofa Sack is perfect for your family room, basement or home theater. The over-sized, foam-stuffed seating provides all of the comfort of a couch with the casual style of a bean bag chair. Available in fifteen colors, you can find a sofa sack that matches any decor, from elegant neutrals to out-of-the-box neons. Reviewers love the extra-large size of the chair, and say it can even accommodate more than one person. Just make sure you measure—at 34 x 60 x 60 inches, this is one of the largest bean bag chairs available.

Perfect for: A more permanent seating solution

Feature image courtesy of Flickr, marragem.

Source: Fractus Learning

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