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25 Dice Games for Fantastic Family Fun

12. Dragonwood – A Game of Dice and Daring


In the enchanted forest of Dragonwood live a hoard of fearsome creatures. Have you got what it takes to venture inside and tame the mighty beasts within? Capture goblins, flaming ants, unicorns, and more by fighting, stomping, or screaming them down. Choose your tactics and enhancements wisely – you’ll need to be both clever and strong to take down a dragon! With beautiful illustrations, fun-filled gameplay, and tremendous replayability, Dragonwood is a surefire winner for any family.

Ages: 8+

Players: 2-4

13. Qwixx


Looking for a fast-paced fun-filled family dice game? Qwixx is an awesome speedy roller that is just the right balance between chance and light strategy. With each roll of the dice affecting everyone’s game plan, there’s no waiting around. Choose your options wisely and gather as many points as you can before you get locked out! The tables turn quick with Qwixx!

Ages: 8+

Players: 2-5

14. Age of War


Feudal Japan has descended into chaos. The Land of the Rising Sun requires a great leader to once again unify the nation. Could it be you? Age of War is a swift dice game, in which players compete to seize control of castles and clans – and the empire. Roll your dice to reveal katanas, cavalry, and daimyo. Build your power base, defeat your foes, and rise to the rank of shogun in this epic game of conquest!

Ages: 14+

Players: 2-6

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