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25 Dice Games for Fantastic Family Fun

3. Rory’s Story Cubes


With Rory’s Story Cubes, everyone has a story to tell! To start this incredibly creative dice game, you roll a set of 9 dice. Each die has 6 unique images – like an alien, a sheep, a bridge, or a speech bubble. You then have to use your imagination to tell a story connecting these images. You can also get expansion packs and theme-based sets like voyages, actions, and even Doctor Who. With Rory’s Story Cubes, the tales roll right off your tongue!

Ages: 8+

Players: 1+

4. Bang! The Dice Game


Bang! brings a new meaning to the phrase “shooting dice”! This awesome tactical battler pits a sheriff and his deputies against a secret crew of outlaws and renegades. The goal is to kill or protect the sheriff. The catch? We all know the sheriff, but nobody knows who the bad guys are. Roll dice to shoot others or drink a health-restoring beer. But watch out for flying arrows and dangerous dynamite! With elements of strategy, analysis, and deception, this really is the wildest game in all the West!

Ages: 13+

Players: 3-8

5. Yahtzee


Roll back the years with this most classic of classic dice games! Yahtzee is a 13-round game of probability, strategy, and luck. You’re looking for high-scoring combos, but don’t forget – you have to fill in a score at the end of the round. Choosing which lines to fill in can turn the tide of the game, so choose carefully. As popular today as ever, Yahtzee is a must for any game collection.

Ages: 8+

Players: 1+

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